All classes and testing are at RMC library computer lab. 2019 dates.

Class time is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Testing is at 10 a.m.

Woods Lab (HAM radio class)  first dates:   Woods lab and Nelson Classroom (Federal Communications Commission Testing) on the second date:

September 21. Class
September 28. Testing

November 9. Class
November 16. Testing

Testing starts at 10:00 AM

(Enter from17th Street, drive east on Permit Park till dead-ends in parking lot, Enter building directly adjacent to parking lot, with Trojan Horse Sculpture at doorway.) This is the highly-successful class that will lead you to your first Amateur Radio license.Costs: The license class is FREE.
The FCC Exam fee is $15. Here’s the process:
1.    Attend the license class at the Library on the dates above
2.    Study at home the next week (we recommend one hour/day)
3.    Take the FCC Exam here in Billings
4.    Attend “New Ham Night”
5.    Enjoy your Ham Radio License the rest of your life!Added Bonus: when you obtain your Ham Radio License, the Yellowstone Radio Club grants you free membership for one year in the local club! (a $50 Value!)What can you do with your Ham Radio License?•    Operate a base station, mobile radio, or handheld radio

•    Communicate with other ham radio operators around the world
•    Communicate through satellites, including talking directly with the astronauts on the International Space Station
•    Conduct computer-to-computer Live Chat conversations with other hams – with no wires, no cellphones, no wifi, and no internet between you
•    Provide Health and Safety radio communications for local community events like Peaks-to-Prairie, Montana Marathon, and several others
•    Provide emergency radio communications in times of disaster to help your family and neighborsPlus, if you are currently a student:
•    Volunteer Activities look very good on college applications (required for many schools and scholarships)
•    Obtaining an FCC Ham Radio License looks really good on a job application
•    The activities and technology of Ham Radio can lead to a career in electronics or communicationsQuestions, please contact Charlie Hanson/N7ERG at (406) 696-2039, or email him at     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. YRC Club Website: www.k7efa.net