New Ham Heading

What can you do with your Ham Radio License?
•    Communicate through satellites, including talking directly with the astronauts on the International Space Station
•    Conduct computer-to-computer Live Chat conversations with other hams – with no wires, no cellphones, no wifi, and no
        Internet between you.

•    Provide Health and Safety radio communications for local community events like Peaks-to-Prairie, Montana Marathon, and
         several others

•    Provide emergency radio communications in times of disaster to help your family and neighbors. Plus, if you are currently a student:
•    Volunteer Activities look very good on college applications (required for many schools and scholarships)
•    Obtaining an FCC Ham Radio License looks really good on a job application
•    The activities and technology of Ham Radio can lead to a career in electronics or communications


    This is the highly successful class that will lead you to your first Amateur Radio license. Costs: The license class is FREE.
    The FCC Exam fee is $15. Here’s the process:

1.    All classes, testing, and new ham nights are held at the United Way of Yellowstone County, 2173 Overland Ave., Billings. 
2.    After the class, study at home the next week (we recommend one hour/day)
3.    Come to the testing center. For new hams  testing be sure that you bring you FCC FRN number.  For upgrades, be sure to
             bring a copy of your current license.
4.    Take the FCC Exam here in Billings
5.    Attend “New Ham Night”
6..   Enjoy your Ham Radio License the rest of your life!  Added Bonus: when you obtain your Ham Radio License, the
             Yellowstone Radio Club will grants
 you a free membership for one year in the local club! (a $25 Value!)• 

Questions, please contact John  at (406) 281-0932